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Chatchai apologises for Facebook post

Jun 20. 2017
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Former Asian Championships bantamweight gold medallist Chatchai Butdee apologized the Thailand Boxing Association for last week’s Facebook post that led to misunderstanding against the boxing body.

The 32-year-old on Thursday caused quite a stir in social media when he wrote on his Facebook page: “How do we get to this point? The point that we eat rice with fish sauce and with water seasoned with Ros Dee [food seasoning]. #Thailand Boxing Association.”

Chatchai along with his team arrived home on Monday’s morning after their encampment in Cuba and explained that he had to intention to defame the boxing association, saying he just wrote it according to his emotion at the moment and without consideration of the consequence.

“I would like to apologise for my message. At that moment I just wrote what I felt at that moment where I had to eat rice with soup because we ran out of food. We have money but sometimes fresh food is not available at the area we were staying. It’s not because we have been treated improperly,” explained Chatchai.

“This is a lesson I’ve learned. I posted the message not thinking it would lead to misinterpretation. I didn’t mean to attack the boxing association at all,” he added.

Somchai Poonsawat, technical chairman of the TBA who was also with the team in Cuba, said he already instructed boxers to be prepared for toughness and disciplinary which is the way of life for boxers.

“Life is not a bed of roses for boxers. They must be tough and patient. We have given them enough allowances and treated them properly. What Chatchai posted on his facebook tarnished the image of the boxing association” the technical chairman said.

“We chose to train in Cuba because it’s the one of the leading countries for amateur boxing. We always  have schedules for encampment in Cuba, Kazkahstan, Uzbekistan and Sheffield (UK) which is normal,” said Somchai who already prohibited his athletes for social network engagement during training and competition.  


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