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"A.P. Honda" Announces “Race to the Dream”: Thai Spirit to Catch Their Dreams

Aug 29. 2018
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A.P. Honda has launched a new campaign called “Race to the Dream” which aims at supporting  Thai racers to compete in MotoGP in 2025.

As Thailand will host MotoGP for three years (2018-2020), AP Honda is taking this opportunity to invite Thais to support local riders Nakarin “Chip” Atiratphuvapat, the only Thai racer who will be attending the whole season of “Moto3 World Championship” and Somkiat “Kong” Chantra, the rising star that has been granted a wild card to compete in the same class in home race circuit.

In the upcoming MotoGP, Thai fans will have a glimpse at the world’s youngest champ Marc Marquez, from Honda Repsol Team, who now has an accumulated 201 points, leaving others 59 points behind. Marquez is racing to win his fifth championship at the MotoGP. The thrill of road racing will be held in front of the eyes of Thai fans at Chang International Circuit in Buri Ram from October 5-7.

 ​“Honda is number one in world motorsports industry, after having achieved more than 750 road racing World Grand Prix wins, since the beginning of the road racing and has also built a number of legendary racers. Under Honda Repsol Team right now is the four-time champ Marc Marquez from Spain who is not only the world’s youngest racer, but also accumulating the highest score and racing to win his fifth championship at Premiere Class MotoGP 2018. Preparing to host the world-class road racing competition in Thailand, A.P. Honda – the number one in Honda motorcycle in Thailand and the trendsetter in motorsports industry – aims to bridge the gap between Thai racers and the international arena, provide a chance for Thai fans to see the race first hand at home, and to help Thais understand “Race to the Dream” – the project that Honda hopes to pave the way for Thai racers to attend at Premiere Class in MotoGP in 2025,” stated Mr Yoichi Mizutani, President of A.P. Honda Co., Ltd.


​“Under the concept, Race to the Dream, the brand aims to build more Thai racers and send them to attend road racing competitions in world-class circuit, particularly “MotoGP” in 2025. We’ve a clear roadmap to achieve the goal, starting from Honda Academy Thailand which is established for racers aged between nine and 14 to learn and develop their riding techniques, and improve their physical strength before entering the first challenge in Honda Thailand Talent Cup. Between 15 and 20, rising stars will be selected to move forward and race in Asia Talent Cup, before being driven to the next level in CEV Moto3 Junior. These young talents will share the same ultimate goal which is to race in Moto3, Moto2, and MotoGP at World Grand Prix.

Currently, we have Nakarin “Chip” Atiratphuvapat, the only Thai racer to compete in “Moto3” class for two consecutive seasons. Meanwhile Somkiat “Kong” Chantra, the rising star who has been competing in many international circuits has just been granted a wild card to compete in the same class in home race at PTT Thailand Grand Prix 2018 in front of Thai fans.”


In Thailand’s first-ever MotoGP, Thai racers will also compete in the Moto3 World Championship that features rising racers from around the world in one race. The Thai racers are Nakarin “Chip” Atiratphuvapat who will be competing under Honda Asia Team in his second season in Number 41 and riding Honda NSF250RW. And this will be his first home-race competition. Meanwhile, Somkiat “Kong” Chantra, the rising star from A.P. Honda Racing Thailand in EIM CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship, has shone brightly in the second season at the race in Europe. He has been granted a wild card to compete in Moto3 World Championship under A.P. Honda Racing Thailand.


Moreover, Asia Talent Cup 2018, which is a part of the roadmap to pave a way for Thai racers to MotoGP 2025, has been included as a support race in PTT Thailand Grand Prix this year.  A.P. Honda will represent three Thai racers, who were successfully qualified in Thailand Talend Cup by Dorna Sport – world-class road racing organizer. The three racers are Nitipong “Ice” Saengsawang, Thatchakorn “Gonk” Buasri, and Kobchai “Champ” Liu.  The race by Dorna Sport – the holder of MotoGP copyright – aims to be an opportunity for racers aged under 19 years old around Asia to compete, share experience and learn from international racers from around the world, before improving themselves to enter the MotoGP in the future.



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