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A toast to Bloody Mary

Jan 03. 2019
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Aqua, the open-air dining and cocktail lounge of Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, is celebrating World Bloody Mary Day from now until January 14.

The origin of Bloody Mary Day is as shrouded in mystery and intrigue as the history of the drink itself. Even the name is quite enigmatic, with various scholars suggesting it was named after Queen Mary I of England, Hollywood star Mary Pickford, or even a waitress named Mary who worked at the Bucket of Blood bar in Chicago all given as possible namesakes!

There are also three versions of the story of where the Bloody Mary drink was first made. Fernand Petiot, a bartender originally from France, claimed to have invented the Bloody Mary in 1921 when he was working at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris that was popular with Ernest Hemingway and other American expatriates at the time. Veterinarian-turned-writer James Rollins, on the other hand, claims that the Bloody Mary was invented in the Hemingway Bar at The Ritz Paris. And an ocean away, New York’s 21 Club claims that the Bloody Mary was first made there, though they do have two versions of the story. One is that it was invented in the 1930s by a bartender named Henry Zbikiewicz, and another attributes its invention to the comedian George Jessel, who frequented the 21 Club.

The best and easiest way to celebrate Bloody Mary Day is by inviting some friends over to mix up and then enjoy a Bloody Mary or two. Or three. If you’ve never tried one before, and the idea of combining tomato juice with vodka just doesn’t sound particularly appetising to you, this is the time to do it.

World Bloody Mary Day falls on January 1 of every year – a day when many will feel hungover. This year, Aqua invites all comers in celebrating the drinking of the Bloody Mary cocktail with four creations - a Dashi Bloody Mary from Japan, Kimchi Bloody Mary from Korea, a Thai spicy red curry version and the a la mama variety from Italy. Prices start from Bt310-plus and the drinks are served from 6-11.30pm.

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