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Throughout May, the Continent Hotel Bangkok will craft special Thai and Italian delights to mark the Royal Coronation of His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn and the celebration of 500 years of Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci.



Bangkok Heightz restaurant will serve the fashionably retro Coronation Chicken (Bt352 net), flavoured with curry powder, mango, chutney and Greek yoghurt and served on a bread baguette. Vegetarians can enjoy the Coronation Tofu and the dish can be paired with local Thai beer at Bt399 net.


There’s also the Coronation Thai Curry feast that offers green, red, yellow, panang and massaman curries with a variety of meats and fish. With water and the river Chao Phraya playing a central role in the ceremonial rites, the Signature Cocktail/ Mocktail Chao Phraya is highlighted as the signature drink of the month.
Paired with unlimited steamed jasmine rice, the Coronation Thai Curry package is priced at Bt599 including a Chao Phraya cocktail/Mocktail and Bt999 for Coronation Beef Curry and Signature Cocktail.


The Medinii restaurant celebrates Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday with a Tuscan tasting menu paired with Davinci Wines such as Pinot Grigio, Mona Lisa Vino Bianco d’Italia or Leonardo Chianti. 
The four-course set will begin with a refreshing Tuscan salad “Panazanella” followed by a choice between Tuscan soups “Papa al Pomodoro” and a hearty Potage of vegetables “Ribollita”. Curated by Chef Satjar Thongsirkaew, the grilled Tbone steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina) comes with baked potato, sauteed wild mushrooms and various choices of sauce such as Black pepper corn demiglace or Red wine truffle sauce. Round up the meal with Castagnaccio or Chestnut cake.
The meal is priced at Bt3,599 per couple and Bt5,399 including a bottle of Leonardo Da Vinci wine from Italy.
Make a reservation at (02) 686 7056 or email [email protected]

Published : April 24, 2019