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Nissan presents second-gen LEAF Nismo

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Nissan has unveiled the second-generation LEAF Nismo RC, the automaker's latest electric racing car.



The new model is fitted with two motors and is all-wheel-drive, doubling the output of the first at 240kW (326hp) and 640Nm. The first-generation model was rear-wheel-drive powered by a single electric motor in midship layout.
Nismo COO Motohiro Matsumura said: “We have achieved incredible acceleration with two motors applying torque to all four wheels and a lightweight frame”.
Thanks to the electric motor, electric vehicles are distinguished by their fine-tuned steering and maneuverability, Matsumura added.

Nissan presents second-gen LEAF Nismo
“From a standing start, they also benefit from maximum torque that is well ahead of internal combustion engine-driven cars, resulting in an unparalleled sense of acceleration,” he said.
Yet no matter how well they perform, few people have an image of EVs as sporty, but Matsuyama said: " The Nissan LEAF Nismo RC represents an attempt to build the sportiest possible concept using the mass-market Nissan LEAF battery and motor ". 
Total weight of the new model has been reduced to 1,220kgs (electric vehicles suffer from heavy batteries), thanks to a lightweight frame and chassis, allowing the EV to halve the 0-100km/h time to approximately 3.6 seconds.
Nissan said it will market two cars each for Japan/Asia, Europe and the US, but did not discuss competition plans.

Published : July 10, 2019

By : The Nation