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AIS applies IoT solution to Thaivivat ‘on-off’ insurance coverage

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Advanced Info Service (AIS) has partnered with Thaivivat Insurance in applying its narrow band-internet of things (NB-IoT) solution to foster Thaivivat’s existing On-Off motor insurance service.



The service will be available from August 5 onward.
Yongsit Rojsrikul, the AIS chief enterprise business officer, said the internet service provider has been trusted by many leading organisations in both public and private sectors to bring IoT solutions to enhance their operational efficiency.
Thaivivat Insurance recently chose the AIS NB-IoT motor tracker for usage-based insurance (UBI) solution to enhance its existing On-Off motor insurance product. 
The On-Off insurance is available on a pay-per-use basis, which allows users to turn on and off coverage through their smartphone application based on the concept of “no drive, no pay”.
The AIS solution will be able to send data in real time via the NB-IoT network when starting and shutting down the engine of a car with On-Off motor insurance coverage, and the insurance coverage will be On and Off automatically — letting the insurance company receive accurate, correct and sufficient information about their customers. 
Jirapan Assawathanakul, president and chief executive officer of Thaivivat Insurance, said the company is delighted to receive cooperation from AIS in providing the NB-IoT UBI Tracker to enhance its motor insurance service.

AIS applies IoT solution to Thaivivat ‘on-off’ insurance coverage

The NB-IoT motor Tracker for UBI solution works by connecting to the vehicle tracking technology on the NB-IoT network. 
When starting a car, the IoT device will send the “engine start rate” via AIS IoT to the Thaivivat server, including sending a notification to the Thaivivat Motor application to automatically open the insurance (On). Similarly, when the engine is shutting down, the IoT device will return the “engine stop rate” automatically to close the insurance (Off). 
This will help Thaivivat customers avoid wasting the time needed to manually click the On-Off app switch.
In the event that the car is in a distant area, the device will collect the data and once connected to the NB-IoT signal immediately send the information to the system, to ensure high data accuracy and allow the customer to receive coverage and pay the insurance premiums for actual real-time use.
Customers who purchase the On-Off motor insurance service would instantly receive NB-IoT UBI Tracker equipment with internet for use during the insurance period. They would just plug the device into their car USB port for immediate use.
The AIS NB-IoT network covers all 77 provinces nationwide.

AIS applies IoT solution to Thaivivat ‘on-off’ insurance coverage

Published : August 01, 2019