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For your motoring pleasure, the perfect Porsche

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TECHART Premium Refinement for Porsche cars moves into Thailand. Official Sole Distributor B Autohaus Co. Ltd presents TECHART lineup at their Vibhavadi-Rangsit Flagship Showroom.

Porsche owners and new buyers can order individually customised Porsches using ideas incorporated by Techart Automobildesign GmbH of Stuttgart, from aerodynamic improvement and exterior styling to technical optimisations such as engine power kits, exhaust systems, wheels and suspension, as well as bespoke interior personalisation.

For your motoring pleasure, the perfect Porsche
The first Techart-refined 992 model of the Porsche 911 to become available in Thailand features handcrafted interior refinement, intelligent engine power enhancements, exhaust sound upgrades and two all new forged wheels fitting the 911’s mixed 20-21-inch tire configuration.
Techart has merged traditional workmanship and new digital design engineering. Aerodynamic body parts have been created in both virtual reality and clay modelling. State-of-the-art 3D prototyping has been combined with wind tunnel and on-track and testing.
New high-tensile materials for Techart exterior parts have been introduced, creating ultra-modern touches such as the transparent rear wing uprights. Natural raw materials and new textures have been processed in its interior manufactory. Besides the forged variant of Techart’s renowned Formula V multi-spoke wheel, the revolutionary Daytona II is the new interpretation of a Techart classic.
Every part contributes to well-balanced aerodynamics at the front and at the rear of the 911.
Using the standard mounting points, the installation of Techart body parts can be done without hassle. A contrasting colour concept can enhance its elegant or sporty touch. 
A new power kit provides increased individual driving pleasure at any time. Available for the new 911 Carrera 4S, the Techtronic-based power upgrade provides an additional 60 horsepower, which results in an overall power output of 510 horsepower. The maximum torque is increased by 80 Newtonmetres to 610 Newtonmetres.
The sports exhaust system with carbon fibre exhaust tips fits the new 911’s rear perfectly and creates impressive soundscapes at the same time.
The interior boasts supple leather, Alcantara and even Merino wool, lacquered finishes and carbon-fibre trims. Illuminated carbon door-sill plates, sporty aluminium pedals, handcrafted sports steering wheels and much more are among the choices.

Published : March 25, 2020

By : The Nation