Fri, December 03, 2021


IsWhere joins Huawei Cloud to help retailers grow via its digital marketing platform

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Singapore-based IsWhere is partnering with Huawei to launch a self-service digital marketing platform to help merchants grow their business and attract new customers.


The year of Covid-19 lockdowns and restricted movement have left shops and small businesses struggling to cope.


Using IsWhere’s location-based mobile technology powered by Huawei Cloud, brick-and-mortar merchants can boost their customer relationship management by launching promotions and advertising their products. This way, they can reach potential customers who are in their vicinity through their mobile devices.


In Thailand, IsWhere has collaborated with Huawei Cloud to launch the “Digital Temple Thailand” project in partnership with the Thailand National Office of Buddhism.


Under this collaboration, 42,000 temples in Thailand can promote activities on smartphones of people in their vicinity.


Also, more than 4,700 local tourist attractions have registered on the platform to promote safe domestic travel in the era of Covid-19.


In addition to promoting safe temple visits and location-based searches, IsWhere is also working with AIS Business, Teleinfo Media, the Office of National Buddhism, as well as the Commerce Ministry, Tourism Council of Thailand and the Thai Coffee Association who have invited their merchant members to use IsWhere to promote their businesses.


Nicholas Ma, chief executive officer of Huawei International, said: “The Huawei-IsWhere partnership supports the rapid digitalisation of retail business and consumer marketing to help retailers rebuild and grow their businesses. We are working closely with our partners to ensure that their customers can transform and scale their business during these challenging times.”


The integration of Huawei Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine with IsWhere’s platform allows merchants to profile consumer behaviour and provide recommendations for food, shopping and attractions that are in the vicinity.


Through global positioning service (GPS), merchants can locate customers within a few kilometres of their store and communicate with them using a real-time translator that translates text from source to target languages running on Huawei Cloud.


With auto-scaling, IsWhere can adjust its bandwidth to ensure that backend computing performance can support the website and application to ensure a successful rollout.


“The IsWhere platform is designed to help consumers make an informed choice easily and safely, without leaving the comfort of their home. Even though restrictions are easing, we still want our customers and shoppers to be safe.


“Through this platform, consumers can run a simple search and discover the best available promotions nearby for food, shopping and many other local services before heading directly to the stores to make their purchase,” said Terence Mak, founder of IsWhere.


With this partnership, IsWhere aims to leverage Huawei’s extensive network to accelerate growth across more local communities and be able to launch it in other countries with other partners this year.


Over 570 million Huawei device users will benefit from the IsWhere app to locate curated promotions and deals that are closest to them.


The IsWhere app is available for free, while merchants can register at or contact Metee Veerapat at [email protected] or call (098) 641 5144.


Published : February 04, 2021