Fri, December 03, 2021


Chula students create website to match homeless animals with potential owners

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Veterinary students at Chulalongkorn University have developed a web platform to help find new homes for stray animals.

  Chula students create website to match homeless animals with potential owners

The RightBaan website enables potential owners to browse photos and profiles of stray animals for adoption.


Stray cats and dogs and the lack of a comprehensive and easy-to-use database for their adoption is a common problem in big cities.


In response, four sixth-year Chula veterinary science students – Kamonwan Sengsen, Vanitchakan Jaiboon, Pimpakarn Siengruengsaeng, Pimrumpa Kao-ian – developed RightBaan to match homeless animals from various shelters with potential owners.


The website features photos and stories for each animal along with their vaccination and sterilisation history. The aim is to give these animals a better quality of life in a loving home. Currently, only cats and dogs are available for adoption but other animals will be added in future, say the developers.


After creating a profile, users can choose their desired type of dog or cat by colour, breed, age, or need for extra care. They can then contact animal caregivers directly.


Users can also add animals to their list of favourites to view later.


The platform also features contact channels for potential sponsors or partners.


Additional functions to be added soon include a search box, notifications, and alerts. Users will be able to enter preferences such as colour and age, and get alerts/notifications when suitable animals become available.


The “RightBaan” platform is at



Published : February 17, 2021