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TUESDAY, October 04, 2022
Meet Dong Dong – the first Olympic virtual influencer

Meet Dong Dong – the first Olympic virtual influencer

MONDAY, February 14, 2022

Say hello to Dong Dong, a passionate and outspoken 22-year-old woman from Beijing who loves winter sports. Alibaba’s virtual influencer for the Beijing Olympics boasts a sparkling personality designed to seduce audiences (you and me) with fun facts about the Games – and perhaps sell you some Alibaba merchandise too.

The Chinese tech giant is an official partner of the Beijing Olympics and used its powerful cloud technology to develop the digital avatar.

Dong Dong presents livestream shows, responding to questions in a lively, natural voice with different emotions and body gestures. She even busts out upbeat dance moves to cheer on the athletes.

“Our ambition is to use cloud technology to give the Olympic Winter Games a digital uplift,” said Xiaolong Li, who heads Alibaba’s Virtual Human & Intelligent Customer Service.

“That’s why we developed Dong Dong, with the hope that the cloud-based virtual influencer can create better engagement with the younger, digital natives in an exciting and natural way.”

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Meet Dong Dong – the first Olympic virtual influencer