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Intel joins hands with auto industry to make driving safer

Feb 17. 2014
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By The Nation

Intel is partnering with the automotive industry to apply its technology and expertise to the development of innovative applications, services and safety features - some of which already exist in today's vehicles.
With a mix of automotive, IT and consumer electronics expertise, research and development, Intel is helping automakers speed up the time-to-market process, create new driving experiences, and more quickly adapt to changing consumer demand. 
Analysts predict that by 2016 
in-vehicle connectivity and basic online content will become critical buying factors for consumers. 
This dramatic convergence of technology in cars is quickly making mobile-connected objects in cars a key driver of the Internet of Things, with you able to receive data and feed it to a cloud, to traffic infrastructure, to other vehicles and more from your vehicle.
Intel has introduced a new line of Infiniti InTouch, an in-vehicle infotainment system, and Infiniti Q50. 
The InTouch system has the processing performance to deliver a rich experience to the driver and passengers, such as high-end graphics on touch-screen displays. 
It is the first system to feature the Intel logo on the start-up screen.
Intel is making significant investments in automotive engineering capabilities, ecosystem alignment and research to help automakers create new driving experiences that will inform, assist, and entertain drivers safely and efficiently.
Intel Capital invested US$100 million in the Connected Car Fund with the aim to accelerating the seamless connection between the vehicle and consumers’ electronic devices and drive new in-vehicle applications, services and differentiated user experiences based on Intel technologies. 
The investment is in hardware, software and services companies is helping develop leading-edge ingredient technology and platform capabilities that support Intel’s focus areas in automotive.
Investments and activities to date include companies becoming competent in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, human-machine interface, telematics and cloud services.

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