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Cooking up a storm

Oct 11. 2017
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By The Nation

Airbnb, the leading community driven hospitality and home sharing platform, has teamed up with renowned Thai chef Ian Kittichai for its latest initiative – Airbnb Kitchens of Asia – which aims to encourage travellers to enjoy an authentic experience through local food.

Under the programme, prominent chefs across key markets in the Asia Pacific region, Thailand included will be drawing up a collection of exclusive recipes, allowing travellers to embraceculture through local gastronomy delights from the comforts of their Airbnb kitchen.

Airbnb knows that people – regardless of where they’re from, how old they are and how many are in their group – increasingly want to live like locals and have authentic experiences when they travel. The recent Airbnb’s APAC Travel survey showed that Thais enjoy trying local food and drinks (66 per cent), reconnecting with family and friends (64 per cent), and immersing themselves in local culture (53 per cent). The survey further showed that amongst Thais, family travellers (46 per cent) are much more likely to cook in their Airbnb listing compared to 21 per cent of solo travelers. Whether you travel as a family or explore a city on your own, this initiative is designed to celebrate Thai food and showcase how easy it can be to cook and eat delicious local cuisine from the comfort of their own listing – so no one has to miss out.

 As part of the collaboration, Kittichai has also developed three original recipes – all Thai favourites, but with his own creative twist – that can be made using 10 ingredients or less, and are therefore perfect for families or groups of friends who love to cook and eat together when they travel.

“I’m passionate about food and the role it plays in Thai culture, as well as its power to bring people together, no matter where they’re from. That’s why I am so honoured and delighted to partner with Airbnb on this project, helping more people experience authentic Thai life in the best possible way – through their stomachs!,” said Chef Ian. 

“I’m a huge Airbnb fan, having stayed in Airbnb listings in France, New York, London and have seen firsthand the range of well-equipped and beautiful kitchens available that make me feel like I’m cooking in my very own home.”

“At Airbnb, we know food is a huge influence on destination decision-making and when it comes to local cuisine, Thailand is hard to beat. Sampling local dishes is also one of the best ways travelers can experience a new local culture and community, which is why we’re so excited about our Airbnb Kitchens of Asia campaign, and our collaboration with Chef Ian Kittichai. Beyond his culinary prowess but his thirst for adventure and the ability to allow people to connect and have a shared experience over a local Thai meal,” said Robin Kwok, Airbnb’s country manager for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“There’s nothing better than sitting round a table with a big group of family and friends and sharing a meal, so we hope this initiative will encourage more travellers to try their hand and cooking up their own authentic masterpieces when they travel, in some of Airbnb’s very best kitchens.”

Find out more at Airbnb’s website.


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