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Coming soon to your table: Amazing Echizen-gani

Nov 12. 2018
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By The Nation

The season for catching zuwai-gani – snow crabs – has returned to the Sea of Japan off Fukui Prefecture, continuing until March 20.

The most treasured variety, Echizen-gani (named for the locale of origin) is the only type served in the country’s imperial household.

The sweet and tender meat that makes snow crabs such a cherished delicacy is easily kept fresh when stored at a cool temperature. 

The kanimiso (brown meat), tomalley (“crab fat”) from the intestinal cavity and even the ovaries are all delightful to eat but tend to lose freshness more quickly, but careful storage takes care of that too.

Echizen-gani is sold with yellow tags certifying its origin and authenticity. In September it became the first snow-crab variety registered with the protected geographical indication system (GI).

As the season gets underway every November 6, tourists from around the world flock to Fukui to enjoy Echizen-gani, dubbed “the king of delicious winter food”.

Find out more at www.Fuku-e.com/lang/english/delicious_food/seafoods.php.


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