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Xilingol League shows its true colours

Dec 19. 2019
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By The Nation

Xilingol League in Northern China is home to the rich Inner Mongolian grasslands of Hebei, a pure land with Mongolian regional characteristics and culture. Its name is made up of two terms meaning mountain and river respectively in the local dialect and the mingling between mountain and river conjures up the most beautiful vast Xilingol grassland.

Spring in Xilingol is a season when everything grows. Although the grassland still has some unmelted snow, the tender vegetation buds breaking through the snow offer a with dreamy aesthetics. When the mountain flowers bloom, the season is quiet and clear.

Summer in Xilingol is a season of green fields and cool breeze. The vast grassland is infinitely green and in contrast to the blue waters of the fast-flowing river. With the blue sky covered with soft white clouds, flocks of cattle and sheep can be seen leisurely foraging and running.

Autumn in Xilingol is a season much sought after by shutterbugs. The prairie in autumn has no brilliant wild flowers, but withered and yellow grass. It looks like a large carpet, offering a steady and thick feeling when walking on it, while winter brings the grand gathering known as Nadam Fair to the frozen grassland. It’s a great time to visit and admire the colourful ethnic costumes of the riders as their horses gallop across the snowy plains.

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