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Freshwater well in receding seawater a tourist attraction in Trang

Jul 30. 2020
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By The Nation

Tourists to Trang’s Koh Libong were in for a surprise yesterday (July 29) when seawater receded at one point to reveal a freshwater well.

The well is located near Leekpai bridge, approximately 200 metres from the coast.

However, to villagers on the island, this is not new. They said once the saltwater receded, people could drink the freshwater from the emerging well.

“Fishermen on the island have drunk water from this well for the past 200 years,” the villagers said. “Tourists to the island can also taste the freshwater from the well once the seawater sinks to its lowest. This well can be found only in Trang province,” they claimed.

Villagers explained that in the past, people who lived on Koh Libong had to drink rainwater or freshwater transported from the mainland, before artesian wells and water tanks were dug.

“This particular freshwater well is one of the tourist attractions travellers should not miss,” they said.

“Due to strong wind, the high seawater level and dugongs in the area, we placed rocks around the well and set up a yellow flag to make it easier to find,” they added.

Meanwhile, 45-year tourist Kamonthip Watkhok confirmed that the water in the well is indeed drinkable, adding that travelling to this island was not as difficult as she had thought.

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