A truly chillax experience in Pattaya | The Nation 360 Degree | EP.03


Who could imagine that Pattaya, a sleepless city, full of nightlife and entertainment, could still have room for a tranquil vacation. Dive into this episode as we, together, explore a fulfilling, rejuvenating and luxurious experience.

In the past, Pattaya was known to be just a small fisherman’s village situated on the peaceful eastern Gulf coast of Thailand. Now, due to many factors, Pattaya has turned into one of Thailand’s number one international destinations for tourists. The city is mushrooming with hotels, resorts, department stores and entertainment areas. The city never sleeps. Amid such diversity and robust activity, a chillax staycation can still be found, depending on what you are looking for.

Pattaya, Thailand : Photo by The Nation

Travelling to Pattaya is easy and convenient. Let’s say, we start off from Suvarnabhumi Airport, well, Pattaya is just around the corner. We can reach the city in an hour and a half drive.

We pick “X2 Pattaya Oceanphere” for our chillax staycation. It’s  Pattaya's only collection of private exclusive pool villas, offering a complete 5-star experience and pure holiday comfort in an attractive modernist design.

"perfect for couples, families and groups. This 9-hectare property is only 600 metres from the beach!"

X2 Pattaya Oceanphere, Pattaya Thailand, Photo by: The Nation  

Today we are staying at a “Two Bedroom Pool Villa”, Wow!! Check this out! Inside the rooms, we have the welcome sets and a mini bar and snacks and we can even pick what type of pillow we want to sleep on. And just in case your partner and family snore at night, earplugs are available…such a wonderful experience!

After the check-in, I need something to feed my little tummy and as I said before, I chose to stay here because this property has almost everything I need. So now, I’m gonna head to the hotel’s Ocean Bistro for a yummy lunch.

X2 Pattaya Oceanphere, Pattaya Thailand, Photo by The Nation

X2 Pattaya Oceanphere, Pattaya Thailand : Photo by The Nation

Another highlight that I would like to introduce here is the view from the rooftop, especially watching the sun go down behind the mountain  while sipping your favourite mocktail alongside the pool. This hotel has won so many awards – “Best Housing Development” and “Best Housing Architectural Design” from Thailand Property Awards, “Best of the Best Residences” in Southeast Asia, as well as “New Hotel Construction and Design” by International Property Awards in 2017. There’s no time to waste because we want to just enjoy everything here.

X2 Pattaya Oceanphere, Pattaya Thailand : Photo by The Nation

As the night falls, don’t worry, there are still activities after the dark to keep you engaged…

Let’s get together for the in-house pool BBQ and Shabu, an activity that will get everyone to get together… for couples to get cl oser, or preparing them with cooking skills when they decide to tie the knot, or for families and friends to enjoy and spend quality time together.
Make sure you place your order in advance and before 9 pm.


If you’re someone who is not quite an early bird and is worried about missing your morning meal – like one person in my team –  don’t worry,  floating breakfast is privately served inside the villa.  As for me, since I’ve been showing you around the property, I have to excuse myself and opt for a private and calming massage!

X2 Pattaya Oceanphere, Pattaya Thailand : Photo by The Nation