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Reliving childhood memories of Hong Kong

Nov 26. 2018
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Celebs Bowie Tsang and Alan Ko, the second generation of famous Hong Kong stars, lead the way in exploring Hong Kong.

They host “New Taste of Hong Kong”, a new three-episode series showcasing classic movie locations in Central and Sham Shui Po, which premieres tomorrow (Tuesday, November 27 ) at 8:05pm on TLC Channel on TrueVisions Channel 566.

Tsang, the daughter of actor Eric Tsang and Ko, son of stuntman/actor Blackie Ko, have recently revisited places in Hong Kong where their fathers began their movie careers.

 Starting from Old Town Central, they take viewers to iconic movie locations to relive the scenes and, with the help of local expert guides, head out to new spots where the next big movie may be shot.

As an actress and TV presenter, Tsang has travelled the globe and tasted cultural delights all over the world. Now, she’s revisiting the places she grew up with a brand-new perspective.

“I remembered Hong Kong as a small place. But as we were shooting the show, I realised that there are still a lot of spots worth visiting. Old Town Central has been given new life in recent years and the hidden zone in Sheung Wan/ Central has been transformed into a new hip area nicknamed Poho. You can find small shops, bookstores, galleries or even a tea house.”

 Also moved by the local hospitality, Tsang says, “whenever I was back in town in the past, I would just go to the shopping malls and didn’t really get to chat and connect with the locals. But visiting food stalls and Hong Kong style cafes, plus the old and new shops in Sham Shui Po, I am rediscovering the genuine hospitality of Hong Kongers. Everyone is loving and contributing to Hong Kong in their own unique way.”

As a child, Ko would follow his dad around the various movie locations in Hong Kong. When asked about his impression of Hong Kong, he answers: “My impression of Hong Kong has always been it's a place of happiness. It's a city where the east and the west meet, and the two cultures not only coexist but flourish.”

 His favourite is western-style Chinese food. 

“There is no other place that can make a better egg and ham sandwich!” 

During the shooting process, the pair revisited Tai Ping Koon Restaurant, an iconic time-honoured restaurant serving Hong Kong-style western food—also a place of childhood memories for the two hosts. 

Ko was pleasantly surprised when the restaurant owner took out an autograph of his late father, and a senior staff member recalled the favourite dish of Tsang’s grandfather. They shared childhood memories whether it was about the chicken wings in Swiss sauce, roast pigeon or its giant soufflé. Tsang shared her must-have heavenly-delicious French toast in her gourmet trip in Sham Shui Po, saying “This is hands down the best I’ve had in 40 years!”

The pair visited the Mid-Levels Escalator from the Hong Kong classic “Chungking Express”, enjoyed sharing childhood memories at Tai Kwun (former Central Police Station), which inspired the story of “Police Story”.



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