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The US takes orders from Israel

Mar 22. 2012
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One US presidential historian said of former US President Bill Clinton: never has a president with so much potential disappointed so many people by not living up to that potential.


Former President Clinton had very balanced policies concerning Israel until the end of his second term in 2000 when right-wing Ariel Sharon, who should have been in prison for crimes against humanity, marched his jack-booted troops onto a sacred Muslim site, recognising that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was too mentally-expired by that time to make sound decisions.
That ignited the Second Intifada and was the point in time at which the US started taking orders from Israel – by grossly ignoring the previous genocidal crimes of Ariel Sharon – and when the US became subservient to Israel. How much longer are Americans going to keep taking orders from Israel?
How many US state legislatures would dare to declare themselves independent of Israel the way that Americans declared themselves independent of the British Crown in 1776? Are American patriots extinct?
Guy Baker

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