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All hail our infallible new attorney general

Nov 04. 2013
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Re: "A man of all reasons", People in the News, November 3.
Rarely have I read such an unctuous farrago of self-serving platitudes as that dispensed by new Attorney General Athapol Yaisawang. “I was just focusing on my duty and I made the decision fast, openly, professionally and with integrity ... I have faith in the law. I always instruct fellow prosecutors to open cases based on facts, evidence and matters of law ... Politicians cannot tell me what to do ... I have never been sued, nor has my justice ever been doubted ... I do not expect any praise ... The prosecutor must always adhere to professional ethics and be courageous in his decision no matter what the effects are. He has vowed to work righteously and always with integrity.” And finally the punch line: “The spirits obviously wanted me to be attorney general.”
How fortunate that we are now blessed with such a modest attorney general – and one who enjoys the favour of supernatural forces to boot!

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