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Teaching those life skills that we really need

Jul 14. 2014
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Re: "The Pursuit of Happiness", People in the News, July 13
You reported on the groundbreaking and very welcome efforts of Nutch Poovorawan and his Cubic Creative organisation’s provision of training in those all-important life skills of problem-solving, creativity and about how to live a happy life.
It is a strange fact that many of these very important things that young people most need to learn are barely covered in the school or college curricula here or in other parts of the world.
We might add to that list how to land (and retain) a good job, how to manage your personal finances, how to find (and keep) a lifetime partner, how best to bring up your children, and more.
At the moment, most people pick up these life skills by trial and error as they go through life. 
How much better it would be were such vital topics taught at school and college as preparation for more youngsters, not only here in Thailand but also around the world.
Paul Surtees
Chiang Mai

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