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Yingluck may hope that reforms won't lock her out

Aug 17. 2014
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Re: "Now, may the fight be clean and fair", Editorial, August 16.
Instead of the muddled observations like many from over-educated editors, your editorial not only put the situation in the right perspective but also was educational about what transpired.
Though credit should be given to Yingluck Shinawatra for returning to Thailand to face many legal challenges, there should be a deduction due to her mere sense of self-preservation and prospective lonely life outside Thailand. 
If she had absconded, it is a foregone conclusion that she and her family would end up as political lepers. In exile, even her brother who is an admirer of anything Western has been so homesick as to rush and make a monumental mistake in orchestrating for his return last November. 
Yingluck, a real Thai lady with a love of anything Thai, could never survive in the West especially with her broken English. The loneliness would kill her.
Prospectively, in claiming innocence and passing the buck to her subordinates, her chance of declaring innocence is grim. Mammoth mistakes under the watch of any leader are also the faults of that leader. 
Her hope is that the coming reform is not effective enough to preclude her return to power or that people sympathise with her naivety to forgive her – but not her brother.
Songdej Praditsmanont

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