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Writer all at sea backing China in territory dispute

Aug 06. 2016
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China-excusing Robert Tang Hin Ching from Singapore is bending over backwards trying to find fault with the UN international tribunal that recently ruled against China’s claims to the South China Sea.

The only country in the world which is angry about the ruling is China. All other countries (except a few small principalities paid by China to dissent) are in agreement that China is breaking the law by commandeering territory belonging to other countries. Nice try Mr Ching, but your argument is hollow.

He mentions: “Countries with overlapping EEZs [exclusive economic zones] should work out equitable [solutions] ...” Reality check: there are dozens of countries which have bordering EEZs. It’s quite easy to resolve where boundaries should be. Would Mr Ching like a beginning lesson in geometry?

Look at a map of EEZs in the Pacific, and you can see how easy it is to ascertain borders. There’s a basic tenet: The zone closest to a country’s coastline determines where its EEZ is. China is several times farther away from the disputed regions than is the Philippines. China would not like the Philippines claiming Hainan any more than the Filipinos like their islands and reefs commandeered by Chinese.

Note: By writing and signing this note, I am likely getting my name put on a Chinese list of “people who are not welcome in China”. In a related matter, it’s been estimated that as many 1 per cent of all Chinese people are involved with posting (and possibly paid to post) text online which backs China’s policies and disputes any contrary opinions. That’s a lot of people actively involved with Chinese politburo’s brainwashing campaigns.

Ken Albertsen

Chiang Rai

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