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Mickey Mouse electricity by snowflake dreamers

Feb 23. 2017
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Re: “Krabi coal plant is the wrong energy solution”, Letters, yesterday.

Letter-writer Ken Albertsen criticises the authorities as “varicose-brained” with their heads in the sand for approving coal-powered electricity generation in southern Thailand, but does not say why.

He rambles on about the disappearance of wildlife around Krabi, but he does not relate this to coal burning. His reason is because “people, dogs and chickens have taken over”. That is the very reason why the burning of coal has become increasingly necessary. The population is increasing exponentially with a corresponding demand for electricity.

The greatest destruction of wildlife is caused by so-called alternative sources of energy. Windmills destroy many thousands of birds while wave generation would cover square kilometres of sea, causing havoc for wildlife above and below the waves. Damming rivers is another disaster for wildlife, as would be covering vast plots of land with solar panels. These so-called alternatives are not only environmentally destructive but also quite incapable of meeting demand. They are also visually hideous.

Burning coal and other fossil fuels can be made much cleaner with modern technology, but the ultimate answer is atomic generation. The Fukushima disaster was caused by human foolishness in building the plant in a tsunami-prone earthquake zone.

France has sustained a reliable nuclear-generated electricity supply for decades and even exports it to the UK. Wildlife enjoys the warm waters produced by nuclear generation too.

JC Wilcox


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