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Life without comics is no life

Mar 03. 2017
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Re: “Getting rid of Sudoku doesn’t add up,”  Letters, March 3. 

I second John Duffus’ complaint about a feature in The Nation that’s gone missing, but in my case it is the comics page, now absent for the third day in a row. John can’t live without Sudoku. I can’t live without my daily fix of “Dilbert”, “Pooch Cafe” and “Adam @ Home”. I soldiered on loyally even after you dumped the iconic “Sigmund”, but to axe the entire comics page is way beyond the limits of journalistic acceptability. I believe that the reason why the Failing New York Times is failing is that it has never had a comics page. 

A newspaper without a comics page is like a plate of somtam without chillies, Donald Trump without his signature hairstyle, PM Prayut without his short fuse.

The main reasons I read The Nation are (1) the Letters column, (2) Stephff’s cartoons and (3) the comics page. Now one vital component of this holy trinity has been brutally snatched away. Some readers will likely tell me, “Get a life, you pathetic loser!” But this IS my life – part of it, anyway – and as vital to my well-being as my morning bowel movement. Let’s have those comics back.


Ye Olde Loser

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