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Behold the ‘Resistance’: A blizzard of snowflakes rises against Trump 

Mar 16. 2017
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Re: “The ‘Resistance’: a groundswell of anti-Trump fervour, Opinion, yesterday.

At first glance I thought it was satire, but whoa! Leila Macor of Agence France-Presse pens an article in which the unlikely heroine, one Kelsey Thomas, is a member of the “Trump Resistance”. Snowflake Kelsey, who whiles away her days studying the inside of eyelids for leaks, tanning on the beach and hanging with friends, is giving up this idyllic Florida life to hit the road. This poor child of the pampered class is feeling so threatened by the much-needed changes taking place that she’s shaking off the sand and joining the resistance. Seeking refuge from the horrors of the draining swamp, off she goes to fight the good battle with her fellow downtrodden women friends at the American Civil Liberties Union and People Power. 

This rubbish is moronically being compared to the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Meanwhile the rest of us, whose taxes have been flushed down the drain by an incompetent and wasteful government for decades, are cheered that someone is finally trying to change things. The lunatic left and their coddled millennials are coming off the gravy train rails as they are dragged kicking and screaming out of their fuzzy little safe spaces. Reality hurts, but ignoring it hurts a lot more. 

Richard Rees

Hua Hin

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