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Flurry of snowflakes hit Thai streets on Thursday

May 25. 2017
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It would seem that yesterday, May 25, was “Snowflakes” day in the letters page.

Snowflake is a term evoked in the US to describe people who retreat into a “safe space”, a cocoon, in fear of reality. Having been indoctrinated with propaganda, they are destructive of democracy and Western civilisation. Banning pro-democratic freedom of expression destroys democracy. The only freedom of expression that should be banned is that which is anti-democratic in content: no democracy, no freedom of expression. A reading of Nigel Pike’s letter of May 23 (“We are all still children of the Frankfurt School”) would assist in understanding fascism.

The murderous use of bombs and guns on the streets three to four years ago was the reason the military had to take control. If the same perpetrators revive their tactics in the name of their “democracy”, that is in fact pro-dictatorship, the junta will be forced to remain in power. The cause of the coup of 2014 was a total lack of law enforcement by the judiciary and police force. Accountability under the law is the very basis of democracy. Until it’s established, a new election will only result in more of the same bombs-and-guns-style “democracy” in favour of a one-man dictatorship. Democracy is about laws, while control with bombs and guns is more akin to fascism. The current benign military control, for all its failings, is far more stabilising for the country. A study of the facts of the country’s history since 1932, rather than influence by misinformed local propaganda, would clarify the current situation.

Thankfully and refreshingly, Somsak Pola’s letter, “Those handcuffs would be a perfect fit for Yingluck and Thaksin” came to the rescue of awareness and common sense.

JC Wilcox

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