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Lectures on democracy from a dictator-worshipper

May 26. 2017
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Re: “Flurry of snowflakes hit Thai streets on Thursday”, Have Your Say, May 26.

JC Wilcox strikes the same apologist line he occasionally uses, this time to condone undemocratic measures to seize power by putting tanks on the lawn, despite the perpetrators stating that this would not happen. He mentions the “murderous” use of guns and bombs, whilst conveniently ignoring the bloodshed that brings about undemocratic regime change, and to crush the legitimate right to protest that democracy factors into its structure.

It had absolutely nothing to do with the military “having” to take control in order to, in reality, oust a democratically elected government with which it happened to disagree. Wilcox often lectures us about democracy, but chooses to ignore it when it departs from his tangentially aberrant worldview. I would urge him to look up the meaning of democracy; check out the etymology. Here’s a hint for you – there are some old Greek words in it.

I’m happy to support JC if and when he deigns to grace these pages with some common sense, but emphatically not with his chimerical utterings.

Dr Frank


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