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Academics concerned over Chinese exemptions for high-speed rail project

Jun 18. 2017
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Bangkok to Korat? You will be able to visit your girlfriend’s family in style.

And get to see where all the money is being spent.

If they start the second leg down to Pattaya, we can call this train the ‘Bargirl special’.


They should be concerned .. The 

Boss is determined to spend all this money to ensure his relationship with China.

Have a look at SRT’s progress over the last 40 years: Still no double track in lots of places.

That’s where the money should be going, and a decent freight train to Laem Chabang to get 2,000 bloody trucks off the road.


Other exemptions are probably minor modifications in the safety sector during construction and operation.


Not a million years ago, the Thais thought the Chinese inferior (what’s changed? They still think the same, 

and they still haven’t realised that 

no one else sees the Thais in the same light they see themselves). But they’re happy to spend billions of baht of taxpayers’ money on Chinese submarines, Chinese armoured carriers, Chinese railway engineering and rolling stock, Chinese et al.


Probably a Sudan solution, the Chinese gave them the high-speed train but not the track, so it cruises at 60kmh through the desert.


Use of absolute power by the NCPO is completely consistent with all previous Thai military coup-led governments. There is no check-and-balances on 

their governance and they have immunity for their actions. So why do these academics, architects and engineers act so surprised at the consequences? If they want a different result they need to politicise their concerns. But I’d guess they do know the consequences of that form of expression.


Have you visited China? Have you travelled on the trains in China? China has an extensive, up-to-date railway network with a good safety record, and a lot of experience in railway design and construction.


Military dictatorships don’t care much about what academics think; this place has been cowed and it has surrendered long ago.

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