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Snowflakes threatening to douse the flame of democracy

Jun 19. 2017
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Re: “Dismayed to discover poisonous toad in Thai paradise”, Have Your Say, June 17. 

It really is some irony to be accused of writing “hateful rubbish” that has in fact been well researched, then to be criticised with an emotional diatribe.

I did not mention “Jews” or “Muslims” in my letter of June 6. In fact I have friends from both fraternities. There is no hatred expressed anywhere in my letter for any person or group. The Rothschilds are Ashkenazis who only adopted Judaism as a matter of expediency. Islam is a political ideology posing as a religion. Try opposing it or defending people who’ve been attacked by Islamists and you’ll be arrested as a “racist”. That is a fact.

J Postol writes like a “Snowflake” who, away from the security of their “safe space” has been shocked by reality.

People unable to accept harsh facts of life are a threat to the democracy that alone allows us this freedom of expression we enjoy, and a danger to the stability of society. This is currently the situation in the United States where the extreme left-wing led by the Democratic National Committee campaign with mindless hatred against an elected president while ignoring facts and reasoned common sense. Joseph Goebbels and Saul Alinsky are their guiding lights. I suggest J Postal research both. Goebbels (Hitler’s propagandist) worked on the principle that if a lie is constantly repeated it will ultimately be accepted as the truth. Saul Alinsky, a community organiser, taught aggression. Refuting political debate and reasoning, he believed dominance was best achieved by attacking any opposition. He was the subject of Hillary Clinton’s college thesis.

The Nation is a highly respected English language newspaper. Unlike its fellow English language publication, it believes in non-partisan freedom of expression. The proof is that it even published J Postol’s “shameful slurs”.

JC Wilcox

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