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Prayut asks why we don’t we like soldiers in govt. Here’s why 

Nov 21. 2017
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Re: “More military outgoings than incomings in new Cabinet: PM”, The Nation, yesterday.

The Nation quotes PM Prayut:  “I never think about the proportion [of military and civilian officers in the Cabinet],” he said. “Why? Do you mind the military that much?”

As ministers, yes. They’re not qualified. This isn’t about disliking the military. It’s about disliking military personnel in positions they’re horribly unqualified to be in. You mind if the guy who’s not a doctor checks your prostate? He’s read up on how to do it and it’s a hobby of his. 

He loves to ask silly questions to divert. How about he answer some important questions for a change instead of answering questions with questions. My wife used to do that until I started to do the same back. She got that sudden realisation of how annoying and uncouth it is. 


Why all this stupid mystery! If he has made his decision, announce it and stop daily speculation! The man has absolutely no idea about the real world or how to run a country! Uncertainties can only cause problems!


The Nation: “The fourth reshuffle of Prayut’s three-year-old Cabinet follows his announcement earlier this month of a shake-up shortly after General Sirichai Distakul abruptly resigned from his position as labour minister.

“There has been speculation that the reshuffle will also revamp the Cabinet’s economy-related ministerial line-up.

“Prayut had also said that he was considering reducing the number of military officers in the Cabinet and outnumbering them with civilian ministers.”

Good job, Khun Prayut Chan-o-cha! 

He is doing what is best for the country and its people. He has acted on the urgent issues of the recent flooding, also the problematic health scheme, and he has fast-tracked projects such as the high-speed rail plan, the Northern Thailand highway expansion and many others.



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