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A fascist sawing at the democratic branch on which he sits

Dec 11. 2017
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Nigel Pike, the contradictory, self-appointed, dissembling “mild conservative” extreme far-right supporter, is on record in this publication as brazenly holding democracy in contempt; in other words, he freely admits he doesn’t like it despite all the blood and treasure expended to defend it.

This disrespect for basic human decency presumably includes looking down on the brave men and women who put their necks on the line so that people like him can abuse the hard-won democratic privileges denied to so many oppressed people around this planet. In other words, in publicly expressing his radical far-right views, Pike has no moral basis whatsoever for his fact-evading, extremist “argument”. Trying to wheedle out of the radicalised views he has previously advanced in The Nation exposes him for what he is. No amount of cynical waffle diverts from that immutable fact.

Furthermore, the “good-natured” arch abuser Pike bizarrely presents himself as a “reasonable” man who, in true bipolar fashion, actually promotes his openly anti-democratic credentials. With the demolition of his conspicuously obtuse perspective, the Dali-esque Keystroke Spetsnaz whines that we should “move on”, the better for him to avoid the truth. So, and despite his efforts to “normalise” the transparently white-supremacist elements he so admires, there are sensible readers who see his sneering fascist rhetoric for what it is.

By extension, he agrees with Trump that apologising for far-right extremism is just fine if you have a platform to do so. Trump uses his undeserved POTUS platform to edify the Charlottesville Nazis as just one example; Pike, uses rather more parochial media to do exactly the same thing.

Putting a superficial gloss on swivel-eyed demagoguery may be okay for Pike and his fellow extremist radicals, but let’s dip our minds into the well of reality. Pike and company may be able to advance ersatz pseudo-intellectual arguments to support the unsupportable, but try as they may they can’t “polish a turd”, nor can Pike himself find gonads where there clearly are none. Obviously, the ludicrous idea that this “reasonable man” could kick mine as he “might have wished” is as laughable as his extremist apologias.

Dr Frank


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