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A new test for Thai law enforcers

Feb 07. 2018
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Re: Premchai denies poaching, says trip to Thung Yai was for leisure. Feb 7, The Nation

The lying starts ... 


    ‘ I have nothing to explain’, Premchai told a reporter who asked about the picture of carcasses of protected wild animals found at his camping site.”

I believe him. That must be the work of a sasquatch and they accidently stumbled upon his lair.


On the plus side, he left his black panther cloak at home for the “perp wai”.


Nicely arranged distraction from the watch scandal...? How long before this guy disappears across the border?


Who is taking bets on this? I have a strong suspicion this one will get away with it... Probably been doing this stuff since a teenager; these rich types find ways to spend their leisure time that are extravagant.

I suspect this is a regular hunt that takes place at least twice a month.

Rich people with a disregard for animal life or any life for that matter. 


From Facebook:

He shot the deer in self-defence.

Joe Maguro

He was clearly set up by a pack of wild animals that planted themselves around as evidence. They also stole the luxury watches he had brought along to lend to any close friends who came upon him while he was enjoying some innocent leisure by polishing his rifles. Could anything in a brown envelope be clearer? 

Felix Qui

Born to poach protected animal species more likely.

Philip Raymond Sivek

For a person with such a privileged and educated background, one word: DISGRACEFUL

Nicholas Ling

Carcasses of protected wild animals, including a black leopard, a Kalij pheasant and a barking deer.

I’m actually pretty certain that he borrowed these items from a dead friend. Hey, it’s worth a try, it works for some people.


He’s wai-ed for the cameras so all will be okay now and it will just be a “misunderstanding”. 

The lawyer is already churning out slimy implausible excuses and this will unfortunately go the way of most other cases involving the influential.

I often go out to observe nature with my guns!


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