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Lust for meat at core of most problems

Feb 09. 2018
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I have been reading the dialogue between carnivores and vegans with great interest. As a vegan of 30 years, I know how much healthier and kinder we can live.

From my perspective, Jenny Moxham and Eric Bahrt are pointing out to consumers what happens to tonnes of marine creatures and billions of land animals caught up in the food chain for taste alone. Their choice is compassion over carnism. 

I feel compelled to point out to A Johnsen, whose letter appeared in The Nation yesterday, that the “problems of the world” are due to intensive breeding of animals, the horrendous cruelty involved, and because crops that could be fed to starving people directly are instead being fed indirectly through animals. 

The run-off from the massive slaughter process is one of the largest pollutants and eco-system destroyers in the world. Important discussion of these issues is imperative in order to keep our planet healthy for future generations.

Fay Mathews

South Australia

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