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Churchill fought for democracy, not EU tyranny

Feb 15. 2018
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Re: “What Churchill would have thought of Brexit”, Have Your Say, February 14.

When quoting a man, his words should be judged by taking his character into consideration. All words ever uttered by Winston Churchill were those of Britain’s greatest patriot and should be seen in that light. 

Europe and the European Union, EU, are two very different entities. Brexit is not anti-Europe, it is anti-European Union.

Yes, of course, “Churchill was favourably disposed towards Europe”. But he would never have allowed his country to be part of a federal Europe controlled by unelected bureaucrats, the EU. To Churchill that would have constituted treason. Never would he have signed away the sovereignty of his beloved country, as did Edward Heath in 1973 with the treacherous EEC, John Major in 1992 with the Maastricht Treaty and Tony Blair in 2007 with the Lisbon Treaty.

Having read biographies of Churchill as well as much of his own writing, it is plain he was both tough and compassionate. But above all he was a patriotic Christian. He never would have accepted open borders allowing the Islamic invasion of the UK from which it is now suffering. Churchill’s vision for European unity was a close association of individual democratic, sovereign, Christian states where “small nations will count as much as large nations” – nations being the operative word. There is nothing in Churchill’s words that alludes to political union or federalism. He writes of “a spiritually great France” and “a spiritually great Germany”. The “United States of Europe” means nothing more than just that. All nation states would be united under one “common cause” of peaceful co-operation between individual sovereign states. It does not mean a federal Europe.

With Winston Churchill there would be no Brexit because the UK would never have joined such an antidemocratic, federal union in the first place.

JC Wilcox

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