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The dark side of Facebook 

Mar 22. 2018
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Facebook is an invention based on the sunny side of human nature – the desire to share, to participate or to contribute to a community where we belong. In fact, it’s an offshoot of the nerd culture that prefers freedom of expression over the attempt to centralise in any shape or form.

That naiveté may also be the seed of its downfall. As is true in any aspect of human endeavour, sooner or later optimism will always be exploited by shady figures from the nefarious side of human nature. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that Facebook has found itself caught in an uproar following the discovery that its users’ data has been harvested by third parties, and its platform has been illegally and unethically used to influence political issues.

How the authorities decide to regulate this “dark side” and what further steps Facebook will take to rein it in will be closely watched by the public. But however it turns out, a lesson has been learned.

Share it at your own risk. What you share may come back to haunt you.

Anan Pakvasa


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