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PETA is non-violent by nature

Apr 09. 2018
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It’s not surprising that Robin Grant, who in the past has shown he cares nothing about animal suffering, would spread vicious lies about PETA and suggest they support arson and other forms of violence.

When I was living in America, I attended numerous PETA demonstrations and they were all non-violent and peaceful. As for them allegedly contributing money to defend those who allegedly engaged in violence, PETA believes in the old fashioned idea of innocent until proven guilty.

Grant expects us to believe his nonsense because he’s quoting from a “liberal” source. So what? There are “liberals” such as Grant who spit on the animals while there are conservatives who have marched side by side with me at animal-rights demonstrations. Animal rights appeal to people from every political, religious and economic background imaginable. Our only “ideology” is the belief that we have no right to abuse our non-human friends.

Eric Bahrt 

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