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Get your pets from animal shelters – if you simply must own an animal

Apr 14. 2018
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Re: “Animal rights idealists have the perfect recipe for rabies epidemic”, Have Your Say, April 13.

What Robin Grant does is he takes quotes made by PETA way out of context in a deliberate and vicious attempt to distort their true meaning. As I noted in yesterday’s letter, PETA actively encourages people to get their pets or companion animals from shelters (or from the streets). 

I used to do volunteer work at PETA’s headquarters in the US and it was common to see dogs running all over the place that were the pets of PETA members.

Still, in an ideal world where dogs and cats were not bred in the first place, we wouldn’t have problems such as stray dogs that in the millions suffer horribly out in the streets. And that’s what Ingrid Newkirk and I are talking about when we say the world might be a better place if people didn’t have pets to begin with.

Robin Grant has proven that either he’s totally ignorant about PETA’s positions or he’s knowingly misrepresenting them. 

And of course he’s not man enough to contact PETA and give them the opportunity to set the record straight.

Eric Bahrt 

Chiang Mai

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