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There’s no conspiracy to engineer WWIII

Apr 21. 2018
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Re: “Globalisation is a money dictatorship that’s strangling national sovereignty”, Have Your Say, April 17

JC Wilcox is fulsome in his praise for a letter from “HHB”, even though it contained a glaring example of fake news regarding the substance used in the Salisbury poisoning attack, but then JC Wilcox is not above using fake news too.

I well recall a letter he wrote a while back in which he infamously claimed that the Rockefellers controlled all the world’s banks, including the central banks. This trope about an international conspiracy has been around for a long time. It played a central role in Adolf Hitler’s crazed ideology, and we know how that ended.

As regards the claim that this so-called international conspiracy is engineering World War III, well it’s just nonsense, but it’s manna from heaven for the conspiracy theorist who inhabit the darker corners of the web. The Russians were warned before the recent air strikes in Syria, so they could move their people out of the way. There’s a lot of political posturing going on, but there isn’t going to be another world war.

Robin Grant

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