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Cow artificial insemination comparable with rape

Apr 21. 2018
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Re: “PETA damages the animal rights movement with its disgusting ads”, Have Your Say, April 17. 

Somsak Pola says PETA compares slaughtered cows with human rape victims. Wrong. PETA compares the artificial insemination of dairy cows with the rape of women. And I totally agree. Each year dairy farmers shove their arms into cows in order to make them pregnant. By referring to this violation as “artificial insemination” the public are duped into viewing it as a perfectly acceptable practice. But if someone even inserts a finger into the private parts of a non-consenting human female it is regarded as a very serious offence.

In 2015, a university student in South Australia received a three-year jail sentence for digitally raping a friend. If the violation is the same then surely both acts should be viewed as offences. The fact that the motive differs – sexual pleasure versus financial pleasure – should be inconsequential.

Jenny Moxham

Victoria, Australia

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