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Burning desire to criticise, but no cooling advice for Chiang Mai residents

Apr 25. 2018
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Re: “The burning issue for Chiang Mai is not Doi Suthep project”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Somsak Pola, in complaining that the citizens of Chiang Mai should do something about the smog problem in our city, should have offered his valued opinion on what we could do.

Much of the smog that covers Chiang Mai city during this time of year comes across the border from Myanmar, in the same way that Singapore is covered by haze that drifts across the sea from Indonesia each year.

It’s the duty of the government to help solve this problem effectively.

The best that citizens like us can do is to ask both the local and central government for help. But oftentimes our complaints are not paid serious attention.

Khun Somsak could put his critical approach to good use by addressing problems being suffered by residents of his own province of Samut Prakan – problems just as serious, and perhaps even more life-threatening than those afflicting places like Chiang Mai.

Chavalit Wannawijitr

Chiang Mai

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