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The never-ending tragedy of occupied Palestine

May 16. 2018
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How can we continue to look on when Palestinians are being killed like rabbits or game, brutally, mostly by snipers? After all, the Palestinians are the true owners of the land from which they have been chased and are brutalised and murdered.

Remember Deir Yassin, a village that was totally wiped out? Yes, that was the great victory over mankind April 9, 1948, not forgetting the callous and cowardly bombing of the King David Hotel on July 22, 1946, which killed 92 people. It is always the same scenario – stones on the side of the Palestinians, the righteous owners of Palestine – against cowards with high-powered sniping rifles.  

According to international law, the occupied have a right to defend their land, but “their” law is always on “their” side. Never has Israel respected any resolution by the UN, nor has it ever signed the Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

A very sad state of affairs, indeed.


The world slumbers as atrocities continue

Why, when Israel uses force and weapons against unarmed Palestinians in Gaza, killing around 70 innocent people and wounding more than 1,000, does the United Nations have no power to stop this aggression and save the lives of Palestinians? 

This aggression from Israel against the Palestinian people has lasted 70 years, and the UN is sleeping. It is especially disappointing that Saudi Arabia seems to do nothing about this matter. 

It is the duty of the UN to conduct an impartial inquiry to know the facts, asking why Israelis are killing and wounding innocent Palestinians.

  Those who have lost loved ones or have been wounded due to Israeli aggression should receive compensation from Israel without delay.

 This is the worst, most cowardly act from Israel, and all human beings must condemn it. The Arab world must awake from its deep sleep and gain the courage to unite against Israel over this shameful act.

 Ashfaq Sharif

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