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Political activity must resume

May 27. 2018
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As a visitor to this country, I would not presume to tell Thai people how to think or, indeed, how to vote.

But I would ask everybody to consider the great power of the ballot box, as we have just seen it in Malaysia. Ordinary people can make a difference simply by casting a vote for the candidate of their choice.

In Thailand, the challenge is to ensure that an election actually happens, that it is fair, and that it is contested by people who have clear policies about the future of this great country.

That it is why it is essential that General Prayut Chan-o-cha – the man who claims he is returning democracy to Thailand – allows political discourse, including peaceful protests, to recommence immediately.

Four years after the coup there can be no more excuses. Any further delays in restoring democracy would give the impression that the current government's interest is more in its continuation of military influence over politicis than about the best interests of the country.

Brian D

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