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All should be equal before the law 

May 27. 2018
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Re: “Handle monk cases with caution, says Prayut”, News, May 27

Unfortunately in recent years monks have gotten a bad name with many of them involved in crimes, civil disobedience by inciting riots and acts of terrorism, pure greed and carnal knowledge.

In short, everything Buddhism is against and tells you not to engage in.

The prime minister is wrong asking the state to take it easy on monks. 

It is the monks who should start to behave like everyone else, not be a disgrace to their teaching and their calling.


The two-tiered system should be  applied to wealthy and influential alleged criminals. Average people?  Don't worry about them. The “little people” are inconsequential.

Well-to-do, including wealthy monks? Handle with kid gloves. 


Criminals are criminals. Monks have more responsibility than “normal” people because they are public persons, so the punishment must be harder than for others.


Sex, fear and greed! Sounds like the beginning of book or movie.

Lucky Mike

Thai Visa

Why is Thailand so special?

Re: “What makes Thailand so unique?” News, May 22

What separates Thailand from the rest of the world is its unique education syste. N owhere does it like Thailand.


 Will they also highlight nepotism, corruption, the world leaders in road deaths? Not forgetting the millions of tonness of pollution in the rivers and on the beaches, the tourist cons and rip-offs. I’m sure if they really tried hard they could come up with a few more. 


It's easy to whine about the place, but harder to leave.


Thai Visa

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