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Is the world heading towards a war between America and China? 

Jun 13. 2018
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Re: “Why is Trump promoting Russia”, Have Your Say, June 11.

Donald Trump understands that to stop China from overtaking the US, both economically and militarily, a war is imminent. When all the economic hard-balls played against China are not working, the US will eventually play the Taiwan card, which may lead to a military confrontation with China in the South China Sea.

Although the Chinese military strength has advanced in the past years and her military build-up on the South China Sea islands is custom-made for a US offensive, it may not prove enough to win a conventional war against the US without Russia on her side.

Economically Russia’s GDP is insignificant, at about the same size as Spain, but her military power is fearsome. 

Trump wants to  break up or loosen the China-Russia alliance by befriending Putin. Fortunately for China, or unfortunately for Trump, the US president’s stubborn fellow politicians, congressmen and senators share the mindset that Putin is like a poisonous snake. Trump has therefore no choice but to charm the snake alone with a broken pungi in front o

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