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Grown up debate? Or protect the snowflakes?

Jul 18. 2018
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Re: “Bigots can’t tolerate difference – or debate” and “When ‘political correctness’ is actually just correct”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Are we going to have grown-up debates on this page? Or should we ask The Nation editors to turn it into a “safe space”, like the comments sections of the Guardian or some pathetic students union, where alternative views are banned in order to avoid offending Have Your Say’s snowflakes?

Robin Grant (Have Your Say, July 17) hits the nail on the head with his last paragraph: “It seems that nowadays those espousing ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ views are only liberal in outlook as long as you agree with them.” Indeed, it is they who will denigrate, censor and seek to criminalise those who hold conservative views on sexuality, the family, religion, uncontrolled immigration and the nation state – views that threaten their utopia of global cultural Marxism.

For my part, I shall continue to present and opine on news and facts that are suppressed by the mainstream media. I try to avoid descending to ad hominem abuse of those of a different view, but when subjected to the kind of unwarranted insult and libel that I have endured in recent days, please forgive me for sometimes responding in kind.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

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