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Aug 06. 2018
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Re: Don rejects idea for Thailand to forgo Asean chairmanship

“The Thai junta does not deserve the position amid strong waves of democratisation in this region,” the article says.?

What strong waves?

Burma? Don’t think so. 

Bangladesh? After yesterday’s events? Don’t think so. 

Cambodia? Don’t make me laugh. 

Vietnam? Not sure there’s much in the way of democratic input there. 

Philippines? Not with their current leaders attitude towards extra judicial murder. 

China? Yeah, right...


“...Asean forced Myanmar to forgo its 2006 chairmanship in order to push reforms for democratisation in the then-military-ruled country. Myanmar was given the chairmanship in 2014 when the country was run by Thein Sein after the 2010 election...”

Respectfully, the precedent exists and should be both honoured and utilised; Thailand should be denied the chairmanship of Asean until after a fair election.

However, expecting Asean to do the right thing, or even anything, is a fool’s errand.

To paraphrase a famous movie quotation,

“ Of all the models of regional associations available, Asean had to walk into my geographical location...”

Samui Bodoh

“...Thailand plans to have an election next year and Don said he expected the elected government would carry on the tasks initiated by his government”.

Of course the elected government will carry on the tasks initiated, it’s been made a law that it has to do so. Mr Don is using the draconian rules being used by the present regime to make it sound that Thailand has successive governments that always respect previous decisions.

And he somehow imagines that the ongoing slavery, trafficking, fishing efforts totally eradicates their suppression of free speech, human rights, and arbitrary detentions. Not so Mr Don, your faults far outweigh your successes.


Singapore is the least democratic country in S.E.Asia.  



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