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Transgender Miss Universe hopeful adds to ludicrous trend

Aug 06. 2018
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Re: “Miss Universe breaks new ground in Bangkok”, News, August 4.

A “transgender” Miss Universe contestant! What next, a Mr Universe who has undergone mastectomies and genital implants?

The unintended fall-out from the burgeoning transgender industry becomes more bizarre. Last week the real news media ran a story about a Canadian in Alberta called David who, although heterosexual, obtained a birth certificate declaring himself female in order to save $1,100 on his motor insurance. Lauren Southern, a libertarian journalist, successfully obtained a male Ontario ID and recorded the hilarious event on YouTube. British murderer Peter Laing identified himself as a woman named Paris Green so he could be incarcerated in a female prison. Like David and Lauren, he was taking the mickey, and had a merry time bonking his fellow inmates until he got found out. Arguments over the ludicrous non-issue of “binary toilets” ended up at the US Supreme Court.

On a more serious note, the LGBT tyrants have succeeded in redefining words like “marriage” in the dictionary, banning Christian scripture in schools and wreaking psychological damage on children by means of sexual indoctrination. Children have been abused in “non-binary toilets”. Yet governments worldwide are under pressure to recognise “identity” in the public sphere rather than gender. 

I have a suggestion. Sex, defined by XX and XY chromosomes, is a fact. “Gender identity” is an opinion. Without infringing on anyone's liberty to “identify” however they want, fact must overrule opinion and a line must be drawn. For starters, I suggest that passports, ID cards, driving licences, insurance, sports, prisons and lavatories should respect biological fact. Whatever beauty-competition organisers choose to do is fine, but I won’t be participating, and I'm sure I won’t be missed.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

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