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Critique of Khan full of sticky wickets

Aug 16. 2018
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It is obvious that Dr Frank has little appetite for statistics. The stats included in my letter were inserted to back up my claim that Imran Khan deserved the legendary status accorded to him in my letter. 

Who won the World Cup in 1992? Pakistan! Up until that time they had never won. This was in spite of all the stars and world-class players on the English, Australian, South African, Indian and New Zealand teams.

Who was the captain? Imran Khan! However, what is even more disturbing is that Dr Frank is unable to produce anything remotely original. He can only ride on the back of work produced by others. He also missed the point completely. Imran Khan came not because of the system, but in spite of the system. Rather stick to insults – cricket is not your forte.

Alf Haupt

Chon Buri

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