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Remembering the hundreds of thousands of Muslim innocents killed by Western violence

Sep 06. 2018
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Re: Chemnitz – an omen for the future”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Ah ... Islamophobia is with us again, so it must be September. The ultra-far right elements that visit here on a regular basis spout the usual scare-mongering agitation with regard to the recent and obviously regrettable murder of a German guy by a Muslim immigrant, a cynical tactic worthy of PINO Trump himself. Yet, curiously, they do absolutely nothing to go and help man the barricades. That’s remote bravery for you. Bellowing, broadly, “j’accuse!” as is their wont, these people always conveniently ignore the incidences of Christian attacks on entirely innocent Muslim non-combatants. Yep, I know, two wrongs do not make a right.

Let us take a closer look, and put matters firmly into perspective. Dependent on who you believe, the unnecessary death toll among Iraqis is as follows (documented civilian deaths as of April 2017): 173,868-193,965. (Source: iraqbodycount database.) This is due, in large part, to the (Christian) Coalition forces in situ. According to the Associated Press, 110,600 Iraqis, mostly Muslims, were slaughtered from 2003-April 2009. Respected and authoritative medical journal The Lancet, conducting in-country research prior to “Shock and Awe” and throughout, advises that 654,965 “excess” deaths occurred to the end of June 2006, and that 31 per cent (over 200,000) were due to Coalition offensive action, with a further 46 per cent “unknown”. Open Research Business reports an estimated 1,033,000 violent deaths due to the Iraq war. 

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that, given the demographics, most of these deaths were civilians in Iraq, a predominantly Muslim country. A bit like mainly Muslim, war-torn Syria now, in fact, with the al Assad-inspired deathfest actively aided and abetted by a presumed “Christian” country. 

I have no doubt that some known cynics here may offer us a Disraeli-esque distortion to lessen the impact of so much gratuitous violence against defenceless civilians. 

Though one murder is already too many, let us not forget that scapegoating Muslims immigrants in Europe for cheap political capital is shameful, and smoothly dismisses the avalanche of pointless civilian deaths in Muslim countries as a direct result of Western military action.

Since no one else can be bothered to say it, I will. May the hundreds of thousands of innocent murdered Muslim civilians no longer with us, due significantly to Western violence, rest in peace. 

Dr Frank


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