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One undeniable fact about John McCain: He backed ISIS fighters 

Sep 09. 2018
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Re: “Trump made McCain worthier of respect”, Letters, The Nation Weekend, September 8-9. 

There has been a lot of bad press about John McCain; some of the allegations made against him can be proved and some cannot. One undeniable fact is that McCain was, along with his sidekick Lindsey Graham, and his Democrat buddy Joe Lieberman, one of the worst warmongers in the United States. He can be seen and heard in conferences and interviews advocating the invasion of countries without justification, bypassing Congress approval if needed. 

Another undeniable fact is his support for al-Qaeda/ISIS members under the euphemism “moderate rebels”. 

Am I correct in assuming that Mr Bahrt, a man who does not like people who kill animals, is now cheering a person who backed one of the worst terrorist groups on the planet? 

Clara Holzer

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